Stagecoach invests more than $20m in new coaches for North America

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Fleet of 51 state-of the art coaches for Ohio, Chicago and New Jersey companies…

Stagecoach Group today (20 March 2013) confirmed it is investing more than $20 million in a fleet of new coaches for its growing operations in North America.

The Group’s North America division is introducing a fleet of 51 state-of-the-art coaches in three subsidiaries based in Ohio, Chicago and New Jersey.

All of the new coaches have quieter, more fuel efficient engines. They will be equipped with three-point passenger seatbelts, wheelchair lifts, Wi-Fi, and power outlets. The coaches also have a host of safety features, including electronic stability control, tyre warning and fire suppression systems, and GPS tracking.

The first of the new vehicles will be delivered this month, with all of the new coaches due to be in operation by the end of July 2013.

Ten MCI J4500 coaches are being bought for Lakefront Lines, Ohio’s largest motorcoach company. It was one of nine businesses involved in contract, line-run, charter and sightseeing operations which were bought from Coach America in July last year. The other businesses cover Texas, California, Georgia, Wyoming, Nevada, Maryland and Oregon.

Van Galder Bus Co. in Chicago, which last year ran 4.8 million service miles, will receive a further 10 MCI J4500 coaches. It already operates 36 of the coaches on daily services to O’Hare Airport as well as to downtown Chicago.

The Shortline subsidiary, based in Mahwah, New Jersey, will take delivery of 31 MCI D4505 coaches. The company runs scheduled services linking New York City, Eastern Pennsylvania, and a range of locations in Upstate New York.

Dale Moser, President/CEO of Stagecoach Group’s North America division, said: “We are continuing to see good growth in our local and inter-city transportation services in the United States and Canada.

“This latest investment will allow us to deliver a safe, reliable and good value service to our customers. The new greener coaches feature greater comfort, are equipped with a host of safety features and have more fuel efficient engines.”

Stagecoach’s North America division operates through 25 independent local carriers, with decades of experience of serving their local communities. In total, it runs around 2,900 buses and coaches and employs around 4,800 people.

The Group provides critical local and inter-city transport services for communities in around 40 states in the US and two provinces in Canada. The company also operates, the market-leading inter-city service, which has now carried around 25 million passengers since 2006.

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