First Glasgow confirms changes to its simplicity proposals

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First Glasgow unveiled final plans for SimpliCITY, a new bus network for Glasgow…

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The city’s largest bus operator, First Glasgow, today unveiled final plans for SimpliCITY, a new bus network for Glasgow. As a direct result of its public consultation, First confirmed it has made more than a dozen changes to its original proposal.

The company received more than 8,000 visits to its on-line consultation and more than 500 people submitted comments.

Managing Director of First Glasgow, Ronnie Park, said: “We are delighted with the response. I’d like to thank all those that took part in our consultation, which was the most comprehensive undertaken in recent years, and not something we were legally obliged to do. However, we wanted to be open and transparent about our plans and ultimately put in place a network that meets the needs of the overwhelming majority of our customers.”

He continued: “We’ve held constructive talks with SPT and engaged with politicians and other stakeholders across our network. We’ve listened to our customers and carefully considered every piece of feedback we’ve received during the consultation. As a result I’m pleased that we’ve been able to revise some of our plans.

“At the outset we said SimpliCITY will significantly improve and simplify the bus network for the overwhelming majority of our customers. I believe our original plans have been strengthened as a result of the consultation and even more passengers will benefit.

“I’m confident that following the launch of SimpliCITY, Glasgow will enjoy one of the best bus networks in the UK and the number of people opting to travel by bus will increase.”

The company confirmed it has made the following amendments to its original plan, as a result of feedback during the public consultation.

  • Service 11 – On a six month trial basis First Glasgow will retain the Clydebank – Anniesland section of route operating as it does currently, every 30 minutes.
  • Service 19 – There was concern about the loss of service on the lower section of Crow Road. First Glasgow has amended its plans and will retain the current route. In addition evening services from Summerston to the city centre will now be retained, as will evening services from Blairdardie (19A) to the city centre.
  • Service 21 – There was concern about the proposed reduction in service to a 30 minute frequency during the day. First Glasgow has amended its plans and will retain a 15 minute frequency during the morning and evening peak hours. In addition, First will also retain the evening service to Gardenhall which had been scheduled for withdrawal in the original plans.
  • Service 36 – There was concern about the possible loss of early morning buses to Cumbernauld used by workers to Westfield Industrial Estate. First Glasgow has amended its plans and those services will be retained.
  • Service 4/4a – There was concern at the proposal to reduce the service to Newton Mearns from 20 to 30 minutes. First Glasgow has amended its plans and will retain the current frequency in the morning and evening peak hours. Additionally, First Glasgow will increase the number of buses to Jordanhill and Knightswood from three to four buses per hour.
  • In Cumbernauld whilst First Glasgow will continue with plans to withdraw Service X80, it will amend plans to withdraw a number of Sunday and evening services.
  • Route numbering – Feedback indicated that customers liked the simplified service numbers, although many had concerns with the same number being used for two or more destinations. First Glasgow has amended its plans. For example, services to Clydebank and Milngavie were to be called Service 60, but will instead be named Service 60 and Service 60A.
  • Similar route number changes have been introduced throughout the revised plans where the same number is used for more than one destination.

A full list of changes can be viewed at

SimpliCITY will launch in Glasgow on May 26.

Ronnie Park concluded: “We are very excited about our plans for SimpliCITY and in providing our customers with ten weeks notice of the changes, we’ve given ourselves plenty of time to ensure our customers are familiar with the new network. We have a range of initiatives planned to comprehensively communicate our new services.”

SimpliCITY will provide a host of benefits for customers, including:

  • First Glasgow will run SimpliCITY services every ten minutes or better during the day with many routes enjoying buses every five minutes.
  • First will provide complementary wi-fi on more of its buses, with almost 300 to be in service by the end of the year.
  • The network will be simplified, with many routes altered and re-numbered, making it easier for all customers to understand and use First Glasgow services.

For full details of First Glasgow’s SimpliCITY plans please visit

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