Zenzic calls for UK self-driving industry to join CAM Roadmap initiative

Posted: 1 July 2020 |

The initiative – CAM Creators – aims to create a network of connected and automated mobility (CAM) sector connections and allows members to claim their place on a list of CAM Roadmap milestones.

Zenzic calls for UK self-driving industry to join CAM Roadmap initiative

Zenzic, the organisation dedicated to accelerating the self-driving revolution in the UK, has urgently called on organisations to register as ‘CAM Creators’, allowing them to claim their place on the updated list of UK Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) Roadmap to 2030 milestones. The roadmap aims to enable better sector connections, forming collaborative partnership and showcasing CAM activity to investors, partners and government.

Organisations have until 18 August 2020 to sign up as a CAM Creator where they can choose which milestones in the UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030 they are working towards. The updated roadmap will also show how development has progressed since launch, and what is left to do.

The new CAM Creators feature will be accessible through the online and interactive version of the roadmap where members can identify and connect to the companies and organisations who are creating the technology, standards and regulation, legislation, and knowledge necessary for the UK to continue in connected and self-driving vehicle development. The feature also aims to allow decision makers and investors to easily identify relevant organisations across the industry, which was noted to be particularly important as the industry responds to the increasing requirements for automated mobility in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mark Cracknell, Head of Technology at Zenzic, said: “The roadmap is an invaluable tool for all CAM Creators looking to understand the bigger picture of UK connected and automated mobility and to collaborate with the wider industry to work towards common goals. This will allow organisations to raise their profile and be seen as leading lights in CAM. These updates highlight the progress that is being made collectively and that the UK has both a plan and the skills to create a successful future for CAM.”

Chris Reeves, Head of CAV Technologies at HORIBA MIRA, commented: “Having received global acclaim, it is critical to maintain the roadmap as a living tool and assess progress and collaborative efforts to deliver the outcomes.”

John Fox, Programme Director, Midlands Future Mobility, added: “The roadmap is a valuable source of information and has been a great tool for connecting with other organisations to talk about the landscape of CAM.”