Škoda Transportation won a 104,7 million euro tender in Turkey

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Škoda Transportation won his first direct contract for supply of sixty 100% low-floor trams for the Turkish city of Konya…

Škoda Transportation won his first direct contract for supply of sixty 100% low-floor trams for the Turkish city of Konya. Pilsner rolling stock manufacturer offered better overall terms than other five companies: in particular Bombardier, Pesa, CAF, Astra Arad and CNR Tangshan Railway. The total contract value exceeds 104,7 million euro.

Škoda Transportation Tram“We are happy that our products are successful on foreign markets. Škoda trams succeeded in Miskolc, Hungary; metro in St. Petersburg, Russia; double-deck EMU in Ukraine and locomotives are now running in the Slovak Republic,” says CEO of Škoda Transportation Josef Bernard.

Škoda Transportation’s offer in Turkey is based on new five-section vehicle which is also being supplied to Miskolc, Hungary. The Konya vehicles will be 100% low-floor, bidirectional and totally compatible with the up to date European standards. Škoda’s offer was the overall winner, including technical solutions, price and delivery schedule.

„Škoda’s win in this very competitive environment is another great step in confirming our strategy to expand internationally. We are very pleased for this win in Turkey, as Turkey is a dynamic and fast-growing market, with major investments in urban transportation, in many other big cities such as Bursa, Gaziantep, Izmir or Adana. Turkey is also a gateway to other Middle East countries,“ said Zal Shahbaz, senior Vice President for sales at Škoda Transportation.

Over million residents of Konya can now look forward to delivery of brand new trams, which will include Konya’s design colors and full air-conditioning for passengers’ & driver’s comfort. The seventh most populous city in Turkey lies in central Anatolia and once was the capital of vast empire of Seljuk Sultans of Anatolya which covered whole Anatolia, Armenia, Crimea and some parts of the Middle East. Nowadays Konya has a rapidly growing economy and plays an important role in Turkish economy. The city is known for the famous Mevlana museum and also for Whirling Dervishes and their dancing shows.

There is currently one 21 kilometers long line in Konya but there are plans for extension of the tram network. Municipality has now twenty older vehicles bought in early nineties from Cologne.

Škoda Transportation group is familiar with Turkish railway market. Škoda Electric supplies complete electric drives and wheel sets for eighty new locomotives. The contract is worth 80 million euro. In 2008 Škoda Electric also delivered electrical equipment for light rail vehicles for the Istanbul transport company.

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