Swiftly Inc.



Swiftly has created the first platform specifically designed for transportation data and operations. With Swiftly, transit professionals can easily manage the efficiency of their transit systems in new ways, finding the exact points in their schedules and routes dragging down operational efficiency and service reliability. And unlike legacy transit software, Swiftly is quick, easy to understand, and focused on rider impact. Further, the platform includes a suite of APIs that enable public transportation networks to connect and integrate with infrastructure and other forms of transportation.

Swiftly works with over 60 city transportation networks around the world, including MBTA in Boston, Capital Metro in Austin, VIA in San Antonio, VTA in San Jose, and MDOT MTA in Baltimore, supporting over 2,500 transit agency professionals and impacting over a billion passengers per year. Swiftly has helped customers improve arrival predictions by up to 30% and complete planning projects up to 90% faster, resulting in increased ridership, fewer passenger complaints, and more efficient transit operations.