ACKSYS Communications & Systems

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Z.A. Val Joyeux

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French manufacturer with a strong know-how, ACKSYS Communications & Systems provides a comprehensive range of railway ruggedized Wi-Fi and cellular network products dedicated to the transportation industry: access points, cellular routers, Mesh points, Wi-Fi routers, clients, repeaters…

ACKSYS’ offer features Wi-Fi/cellular solutions: train-to-trackside in mobility for high speed network communications (CBTC, PIS, CCTV surveillance, Internet on-board…), car-to-car coupling system (high-speed train wireless Ethernet backbone to connect cameras, passenger APs, infotainment servers…) and reliable on-board passengers Wi-Fi suitable for high user-density environments.
Designed for ground and on-board use, these solutions simplify dramatically the construction of reliable high-speed wireless network infrastructures for trains, metros and trams.

ACKSYS’ latest products combining Wi-Fi 802.11ac and cellular connectivity ensure a continuous transmission of critical data in motion whatever the Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, thanks to advanced handover features: 30ms roaming time, pre-authentication, IEEE 802.11r fast transitions protocol.
ACKSYS’ enhanced train-to-trackside solution reaches unleashed performances with up to 500 Mbps at 350 Km/h and support redundant architecture (VRRP, PRP).

Designed with rugged aluminum enclosures, they fulfill the most severe environment requirements (shock and vibration proof, EN 50155 [IEC 60571] / EN 50121-3-2 / EN 50121-4 compliant for light rail/railway applications).

Weatherproof (IP66) they support water projections as well as tough climatic conditions (-40°C to +75°C).

Single, dual, triple 11ac radio with optional cellular radio are available with 2 or 4 ports Ethernet, built-in fiber optic couplers and redundant power supply.