Eurotransport becomes Intelligent Transport

In the same way that change is gripping and revolutionising the public transport sector, change has taken hold at Eurotransport. As smarter travel and digitalisation continue to alter passenger expectations, experiences and mobility across not only Europe, but the world, we’re pleased to welcome you to our new brand: Intelligent Transport

Intelligent Transport

At our inception in 2003, the urban transport sector was a very different place. With the Oyster card having only just been introduced on the London Underground, and the best-selling mobile phone being a Nokia 1100 (its internal memory could store up to 50 contacts and 50 text messages), it would have been difficult to imagine a world in which the two technologies would combine into a sleek slab of a device that sits at the heart of mobility.

A mere 14 years later, however, more than a billion journeys have been made on the Underground using a contactless payment method, with the percentage of passengers choosing contactless payment having increased 15% in the last year, and smartphones acting as the hub through which thousands of us plan multimodal journeys every day.

This boom in technology is part of the reason we’ve transformed our offering to become Intelligent Transport. We will continue to bring you the latest news and views from industry insiders and experts, but with a global reach that will offer insight on developments and projects from all seven continents. What’s more, we will be looking closer than ever at the ways in which technology is driving change, whether it’s an operator with a new app to help cut operational costs and enhance customer satisfaction, or a new way to power a driverless pod. With the global ITS market set to reach a value of more than $72 billion in the next five years, it’s crucial that we continue to follow and react to industry trends in the same way we always have.

The decision to transition into Intelligent Transport wasn’t taken lightly, but our extensive market research and feedback from our readers clearly showed it to be the natural next step in our evolution. One respondent to our 2017 Readership Survey explained that “digitalisation across all the various aspects of transport is now critical”, while another highlighted they’d “love to see how new digital mobility services can support development sites”.

Our new technological angle will continue to provide focus across our eight core topics: Smart Cities, Digitalisation, Intermodality, Ticketing and Payments, Safety and Security, The Passenger, The Fleet, and Regulation and Legislation. Adding to this, though, we’ll also be exploring a new content area, Business Models. With articles from across the globe, we’ll highlight how and why industry decision makers operate the way they do, and examine how technology is changing the privatisation debate. With technological change at the centre of Intelligent Transport, we’re undergoing our own digital transformation with a brand-new website that will provide easier access to the content you want to see and an enhanced search function with which to find it. There’s also a new event taking place at London’s Queen Elizabeth II Centre on 31 October 2017. Intelligent Transport Conference builds on the industry changes that have shaped our new brand, and splits into four streams: Harnessing Passenger Data, Mobility-as-a-Service, Smart Ticketing & Payments, and Real-time Passenger Information.

We’re incredibly excited about transitioning to Intelligent Transport, and bringing you the most informative news and stories from the cutting edge of transport technology across our print and digital platforms.