Transport Safety & Security supplement

Posted: 6 May 2015 |

In our latest Transport Safety & Security Supplement, Anders Lukowski, Strategy Implementation Manager from Arriva Denmark, gives details about Arriva Denmark’s proactive approach to road safety, plus Gab Parris, Railway Engineering Consultant, gives a comprehensive comparison into metro platform and track protection systems…

  • Comparing Platform/Track Protection Systems
    In 2011, the UITP’s Electrical Installations & Safety Systems (EISS) Subcommittee decided to conduct a survey of its members to identify current trends in measures implemented to protect platform track areas and to detect and prevent unauthorised track intrusions from the platform area. For Intelligent Transport, Gab Parris, Railway Engineering Consultant (and previous Transport for London representative on the EISS) explains that the survey was designed to build upon previous work on Platform/Track Protection Systems1 (PTPS) with additional questions focusing on the Intrusion Detection Systems used by metro network operators. Here, Gab takes a deeper look at the study to summarise the results and compares the different PTPS systems in use today…
  • Arriva Denmark’s proactive approach to road safety
    Road safety is fundamental to all bus operations in Arriva Denmark and the absolute top priority for every single employee, writes Anders Lukowski – Strategy Implementation Manager at Arriva Denmark. Arriva is constantly looking for new ways to improve road safety and has throughout the last couple of years developed a number of ground-breaking processes that are making public transport safer…

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