In-Depth Focus: Connected & Autonomous Mobility

The Connected & Autonomous Mobility In-Depth Focus in Intelligent Transport Issue 2 2022 features articles from RATP Dev and POLIS Network discussing the progress that has been made by the public transport industry thus far in the field of intelligent vehicles and what comes next as technology, the industry and society develops.

Connected and autonomous vehicles are expected to be one of the most disruptive new forms of technologically-enhanced transport to impact society over the coming decade. But exactly what role are they expected to play within our future mobility networks? Where do we currently stand in the implementation of the technology? And will these intelligent vehicles, which often utilise alternative power solutions, be the key to improving the sustainability of the public transport industry?

This In-Depth Focus, originally published in Issue 2 2022 of Intelligent Transport, features articles from RATP Dev’s James Dick, outlining the progress that has already been made by the operator in implementing intelligent vehicles across the globe; and Suzanne Hoadley of POLIS Network, which considers one of the most challenging questions currently being asked across the industry: are our cities ready for automation?

Included in this In-Depth Focus:

  • Autonomous transport holds the key for the future of the mobility industry
    Autonomous vehicles are currently one of the most disruptive forms of new mobility, but the technology is undoubtedly here to stay. Here, James Dick, Project Lead for Autonomous Vehicles at RATP Dev, highlights the benefits of autonomous mobility and provides exclusive insight into the work that RATP is undertaking across the globe in the field of autonomy.
  • Are our cities ready for vehicle automation?
    Intelligent Transport’s Leah Hockley sat down with Suzanne Hoadley, Senior Manager – Traffic Efficiency Coordinator at POLIS Network, at Autonomy Paris 2022 to discuss the future of autonomous vehicles in our cities, and to debate their place in achieving sustainable mobility.

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