In-Depth Focus: Alternative Power

Intelligent Transport Issue 2 2022’s Alternative Power In-Depth Focus features articles from the Antelope Valley Transit Authority and Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona discussing the work that is being undertaken across the globe to implement alternative power solutions within public transport networks in order to make travelling more sustainable and to support government decarbonisation efforts.

With the world placed under continuously growing pressure to decarbonise in the face of worsening climate change, the transport sector has been placed in the spotlight as one of the key areas in which huge strides can be made. As a result, alongside working to encourage modal shift – by moving people out of their private cars and instead getting them to utilise the extensive public transport, shared mobility and active travel networks that are available – the public transport industry has significantly increased its efforts to innovate and develop in the realm of alternative power in order to reduce its carbon emissions.

In this In-Depth Focus from Intelligent Transport Issue 2 2022, find out more from the Antelope Valley Transit Authority’s Executive Director & CEO about how AVTA became North America’s first all-electric, zero-emission transit agency – a journey that began in 2014 – and from Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona’s CEO, who provides exclusive insight into the agency’s efforts to operate a fully decarbonised bus fleet by 2030.

Included in this In-Depth Focus:

  • Becoming the first 100 per cent electric transit agency in North America
    Antelope Valley Transit Authority’s Executive Director and CEO, Martin Tompkins, details the journey that was made by AVTA to become North America’s first all-electric, zero‑emission transit agency, and shares its future plans to further reduce the agency’s carbon footprint beyond its vehicles. 
  • The electrification of TMB’s bus fleet: A key factor in the fight against climate change  
    Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona’s CEO, Gerado Lertxundi, discusses the significance of decarbonising the public transit sector in order to combat climate change, as well as the electrification of TMB’s buses and how it will support the agency in decarbonising its bus fleet by 2030.

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