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Lisbon’s ‘One Less Car’ project

3 September 2012 | By Luís Miguel Vale do Couto, Marketing Director, CARRIS

The ‘One Less Car’ project was launched in 2009 by CARRIS – the main public transportation company in Lisbon, Portugal. This new project promotes the use of sustainable forms of urban mobility – mainly highlighting the benefits of using public transport on a regular basis. Mobility is essential to economic…


Understanding Metro do Porto’s successful business strategy

31 August 2012 | By João Nuno Aleluia, Exploitation Department Manager, Metro do Porto

Metro do Porto (MP) integrates six municipalities of the Porto Metropolitan Area (PMA). Playing the backbone role of PMA while structuring the territory, MP offers a high capacity urban transport network, furthering the integration of modes and operators. From its early stages, MP focused on the capacity and technical performance…