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Geneva Public Transport (TPG)



After a decade of growth, Geneva now concentrates on improving service quality

2 November 2015 | By Emmanuel Fankhauser, Network Development Manager at TPG

Between 2003 and 2013, additions to the local tram network doubled the offer of Geneva’s public transport system. But between 2014 and 2019, the picture will be different. Emmanuel Fankhauser, Network Development Manager at TPG, explains that no major infrastructure projects or developments are planned on the network, but concentration…


LOST: for increasingly safe public transport

24 October 2014 | By Pierre-Yves Gruaz – Chief Operating Officer of TPG

LOST – which has nothing to do with missing people or the famed TV series – stands for the new law on transportation company security bodies which came into force throughout Switzerland on 1 October 2011, and the country’s public transport companies had nearly a year to apply it to…


Geneva – making public transport simpler, more reliable and more efficient

29 October 2010 | By Pascal Ganty, Head of Development and Engineering and Isabel Pereira, Press Officer, TPG

The Geneva tram network operated by TPG, the public transport authority, is undergoing a development that is nothing short of revolutionary. By the end of 2011, when our three separate lines come into operation, we will have a network that is simpler, more comprehensible and easier to manage in the…


TPG give their trams a facelift – the quest for new technology

28 October 2009 | By Roland Bonzon, Director General, Geneva Public Transport (TPG)

Geneva and the tramway - this is an old story of being in-love and out-of-love. Following an impressive expansion between 1903 and 1924, (at its peak, the Geneva tram system was one of the most extensive in Europe), there was a period of long recess during the 1920s. Then came…


Dealing with the mobility challenge in the Geneva region

11 November 2008 | By Roland Bonzon, CEO, Geneva Public Transport (TPG)

In Switzerland, the Lake Geneva region, and more particularly the Geneva conurbation, is at the very heart of an unprecedented demographic change, where demand for public transport is very high. Geneva Public Transport (TPG) is one of the few creditable responses to the exponential growth in mobility, which makes its…