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Issue 6 2010



Transport and logistics in the Estonian economy

15 December 2010 | By Juhan Parts, Minister of Economic Affairs & Communications, Estonia

Transport is a key factor for the economy as a whole. In Estonia, the transport industry and its support service activities account for nearly 8% of employment. The transport sector has a significant impact on economic growth, social development and the environment. The development of transport is a basic condition…


RATB’s projects for sustainable development

15 December 2010 | By Adrian Criţ, General Manager, RATB

We all know that providing mobility in a capital city implies high energy consumption, which has negative effects on the quality of the environment. Therefore, the current European transport strategies promote alternatives to private cars, such as public transport vehicles, walking and cycling. In this respect, RATB has focused on…


Riga upgrades public transport services and rolling stock

15 December 2010 | By Leons Bemhens, Chairman of the Board, Rīgas satiksme

Riga’s public transport has undergone significant changes in recent years. The electronic payment system has been introduced successfully, and after the renovation of the bus fleet, tram and trolleybus renovations have now started, accompanied by modernisation of the infrastructure. Transfer to e-ticket The 1 March 2009 was a remarkable day…


eTicketing in Europe – active support from the Kontiki Working Group

15 December 2010 | By Dr. Manfred Ritschel, Past Chairman of the Kontiki Working Group

The Arbeitskreis für kontaktlose Chipkartensysteme für Electronic Ticketing (Kontiki – Working Group for contactless smartcard systems in electronic ticketing) was founded in 1998 and sees itself as a product- and systemindependent platform for electronic mobility systems based on contactless media. The focus of its work is on the use of…


The rollout of Smartcard by Centro across the West Midlands

15 December 2010 | By Michael Wevill, Smartcard Development and Implementation Manager, Centro

Centro, the Integrated Transport Authority for the West Midlands, celebrated the end of our Smartcard Rollout on more than 2,200 buses across the West Midlands at the beginning of November 2010. Virtually all the buses and depots belonging to the region’s bus companies have now been fitted with new Electronic…


Automatic passenger counting systems for public transport

15 December 2010 | By Ivano Pinna, Bruno Dalla Chiara, Francesco Paolo Deflorio Transport Engineering, Politecnico Di Torino and Francois Mbarga Bessala, Industry Professional

This article describes and compares new technologies for the automatic counting of passengers on both rail and road vehicles, highlighting their advantages and issues, with general indications on their respective levels of outlay. It also deals with monitoring systems for weigh-in-motion, used as an indirect measurement of the passengers on-board1.


TETRA – taking care of metro transport

15 December 2010 | By Phil Kidner, CEO, The TETRA Association

Travel on a metro, underground network, take the subway, the MRT (mass rapid transit) train – however you choose to describe the transport, chances are that you will be travelling in the company of TETRA communications. Millions of people are, every day. TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) technology is used throughout…


Tramstore21: the use of peer reviews in building more sustainable and efficient tram depots

15 December 2010 | By Raphael du Cheyron Calvelli, Coordinator, Tramstore 21 and Niall Dolan, Industry Freelancer

TramStore21 is a European cooperation project that aims to improve transport efficiency and the urban integration of tram depots (stabling and maintenance infrastructures). Its main areas are: the urban integration of depots, technical cooperation between operators and contribution to the public transport community. The core participants of TramStore21 are STIB…