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Issue 5 2010



Switzerland gears up for the future

29 October 2010 | By Peter Füglistaler, Director of the Federal Office of Transport, Switzerland

The Swiss are people who travel by bus, train and tram. The urban public transport network is already excellent, with vehicles in good condition and timetables that are dense and well coordinated with regional and long-distance traffic. But even more effort will soon be demanded: people are becoming more mobile,…


Geneva – making public transport simpler, more reliable and more efficient

29 October 2010 | By Pascal Ganty, Head of Development and Engineering and Isabel Pereira, Press Officer, TPG

The Geneva tram network operated by TPG, the public transport authority, is undergoing a development that is nothing short of revolutionary. By the end of 2011, when our three separate lines come into operation, we will have a network that is simpler, more comprehensible and easier to manage in the…


12 December 2010: A challenging date for BERNMOBIL

29 October 2010 | By René Schmied, CEO of BERNMOBIL

Historic changes for the public transport network of BERNMOBIL will commence on 12 December 2010, as the tram network will be completely restructured. Tram Bern West and line G from RBS will be integrated in the existing tram network. In just one day, the tram network of BERNMOBIL will grow…


Vienna’s underground network continues to expand

29 October 2010 | By Günter Steinbauer, CEO, and Answer Lang, Head of Communications, Wiener Linien

Wiener Linien is Vienna’s leading transportation company. Approximately 2.2 million passengers travel the length and breadth of Austria’s capital with Wiener Linien’s 83 bus, 38 tram and five underground routes every day – this adds up to 812 million people annually. Passenger numbers have been rising for years, with the…


Deploying effective ITS to meet the mobility needs for people and goods

28 October 2010 | By Mike Schofield, Chairman, ITS (UK)

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are usually defined as the application of information and communication technology to surface transport modes. As one would expect, ITS is a fast moving sector with research progressing all the time, and new developments being continuously implemented. ITS United Kingdom is the UK association for those…


ITS and urban mobility

28 October 2010 | By Dr. Hermann Meyer, Chief Executive Officer, ERTICO – ITS Europe

Over the years, Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) have evolved from research and development into a broad range of on-the-market products and services. Effective development and deployment of ITS in Europe depends on cooperative actions, linking transport infrastructure, vehicle, information and communication technology. ERTICO – ITS Europe is a…


A decade of transition

28 October 2010 | By Keith McCabe, Chairman, ITS (UK) Carbon Working Group

As we stand in the first year of a new decade, it is helpful to look forward to anticipate how our world will be in 10 years time. It seems clear that the challenge of climate change will be more immediate. The end of this decade will mark the half…


Facing up to transport challenges in difficult times

28 October 2010 | By Simon Posner, Chief Executive, Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT)

For Intelligent Transport, Simon Posner, Chief Executive at the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) explains what challenges lay ahead for Britain’s bus, coach and light rail operators, following the recent general election. Transport is the life blood of any modern economy. It plays a major role in developing environmental, economic,…


Updating communications systems with TETRA

28 October 2010 | By James Abbott, Technical Editor

Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) is a digital trunked mobile radio standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). The purpose of the TETRA standard was to meet the needs of traditional Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) user organisations such as the military, those responsible for public safety at, for example,…