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Issue 4 2009



Multi-disciplinary research for sustainable transport

20 September 2009 | By Guy Bourgeois, Managing Director, INRETS

INRETS is a public body and develops applied research in the field of surface transport. INRETS is acknowledged within Europe in the field of transport research as a leading Institute; it currently chairs the European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI), it is strongly involved in many European projects, and…


Andante: a new mobility concept and an interoperability dream

20 September 2009 | By Mário Coutinho dos Santos, Chief Financial Officer of Metro do Porto and Chief Executive Officer of TIP

The Andante intermodal system aims to provide a new concept in public transportation, and is based on an integrated mobility system focused on the customer and oriented by the market. In contrast with traditional transport systems, Andante is based on co-opetition (cooperative competition) among various transport operators, who assume a…


Carris’ answer to service quality in Lisbon

20 September 2009 | By Jorge Fonseca Nabais, Development and Innovation Director, Carris

Carris (Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa) is the urban transport operator of Lisbon and throughout its 137 years of existence, has constantly been aware of its responsibilities. Carris' development policy and strategy seeks to change behavioural role and organisational structure, making public transport more attractive and efficient with a…


Arriva in Portugal: a tale of two companies

20 September 2009 | By Manuel Oliveira, Managing Director, Arriva Portugal and António Corrêa Sampaio, Managing Director, Transportes Sul Do Tejo, S.A (TST)

With almost nine years’ experience in the Portuguese transport market, Arriva looks at how its operations in the country have contributed to Arriva’s development from a relative unknown to one of Europe’s leading transport groups with bus, rail and coach operations in 12 countries. When Arriva entered the Portuguese transport…


The rolling stock operated by Metro de Madrid

20 September 2009 | By Manuel González Márquez, Department of New Rolling Stock, Metro de Madrid

Metro de Madrid has grown significantly in the last 15 years, from a network of 121km in 1995 to the current 283km. The fleet of rolling stock operated by the company has also grown in parallel, from 1,076 wagons in 1995 to the current 2,281. The detail of trends in…


Metro Bilbao goes from strength to strength

20 September 2009 | By Rafael Sarría Ansoleaga, General Manager, Metro Bilbao

The Bilbao Metro system was opened on 11 November 1995, superseding the suburban railway line that had run along the right bank of the river Nervión since the late 19th century. Metro Bilbao was designed to be the backbone of the passenger transport system of Bizkaia, and as such to…


Improvements to the bus and tram networks in Caen

20 September 2009 | By Eric Vève, President, Viacités

Viacités is the Passenger Transport Management Authority for the 29 communes in the conurbation of Caen la mer. It is a mixed body consisting of representatives of the conurbation of Caen la mer and of the ‘Conseil Général of Calvados’ (Calvados area’s local Council). In an interview for Intelligent Transport,…


The first LRT line for Reims: the way forward

20 September 2009 | By Christian Messelyn, President, MARS (Mobilité Agglomération Rémoise)

The first LRT line to be implemented by the Reims Metropolitan area will run from north to south of the city and cover a distance of nearly 11.5km. It will form the backbone of the new public transport network. Designed to complement the LRT line, the bus network will be…


Riga implements one of the most progressive payment systems in public transport

20 September 2009 | By Leon Bemhens, Chairman, Rigas satiksme

Nowadays, many local authorities take increasing care of their residents’ comfort in public transport, and hundreds of cities worldwide have already implemented and are operating electronic payment systems. One of the latest and most progressive systems was launched in Riga, the capital of Latvia, which, together with its suburbs, is…