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Issue 4 2006



Danish developments

6 December 2006 | By Flemming Hansen, Danish Minister for Transport and Energy

In Denmark public transport plays a major role for traffic management as a whole in urban areas and between some of the larger cities. Public transport contributes to reducing the congestion problems in our large cities such as the Greater Copenhagen Area, Aalborg, Odense and Aarhus.


Madrid’s latest developments

6 December 2006 | By José-Dionisio González, Head of Light Rail Concessions Department, Technical Directorate, Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid (CRTM)

The integration of different modes of public transport has always been a high priority for CRTM. This, combined with an extensive programme of development, has seen the use of public transport rise dramatically in Madrid over the last 20 years. Territorial and socio-economic framework The Spanish State is organised on…


Traffic enforcement in the digital age

6 December 2006 | By Patrick Troy, Head of Traffic Enforcement, Transport for London (TfL)

Effective traffic management and compliance with traffic and parking controls are integral to maximising the capacity of the road network – and nowhere is this more true than in London. The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has made ‘keeping London moving’ one of the primary objectives of his Transport Strategy.…


Countering threats

6 December 2006 | By Udi Bechor, Managing Director of I-SEC Homeland Security B.V.

Udi Bechor, Managing Director of I-SEC Homeland Security B.V., a provider of security solutions to public transportation and mass transit operators, shares his vision of upgrading the level of security by conducting organisation-wide risk assessments and designing comprehensive security concepts and cost-effective systems on their basis, with an emphasis placed…


The future of public transport

6 December 2006 | By ET

Amsterdam is growing and as the city increases in size, its public transport network, which has been run by the metropolitan public transport company GVB for years, will also expand. Gertjan Kroon, the Managing Director of GVB since 2002, gives his vision on the challenges public transport faces and how…


Helping to build a stronger region through public transport

6 December 2006 | By Tommy Edh, Automatic Fare Collection Manager at Västtrafik AB in Sweden

The year was 1999. Four small regions in Western Sweden were formed into one new and large region named Västra Götaland. The aim was to build an internationally competitive region, creating stronger trade and industry as well as more work and studying opportunities. In that process public transportation was given…


The iBus project

6 December 2006 | By Simon Reed, iBus Project Director, Transport for London (TfL)

In common with many world-class cities London faces transport and traffic challenges. London needs to move its workforce and visitors and respond to growth and demographic changes fuelled by the success of the city. London’s bus network, one of the largest and most comprehensive urban transport systems in the world,…


Leading the way

6 December 2006 | By Dipl. Ing. Ernö Bartha, Member of the Board of Management, NEOMAN Bus

The German based NEOMAN Bus Group – part of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG – is one of the leading companies involved with highly developed bus and coach technology worldwide. This fact is underlined by their latest bus and coach models as well as through new developments in the fields of safety,…


Bridging the knowledge gap

6 December 2006 | By Dr Chris Humphrey, Project Manager, CURACAO

The unsustainable levels of congestion and pollution affecting Europe’s cities are being tackled by soft measures that seek to manage the insatiable demand for greater mobility. One powerful measure at a city’s disposal is pricing road space by time and place of access. In this article Dr Chris Humphrey introduces…


On track for rail support

6 December 2006 | By Thomaz D’Agostini Aquino (Chairman) and Philip Harley (Deputy Chairman), TETRA Rail Forum

Digital Mobile Radio technology is making its mark on the railways. Globally, operators are, in the main, selecting either GSM-R or TETRA for main line railways and TETRA for urban rail systems. In Europe, the EU has long been concerned about inter-operability and the inefficiencies of multiple communications networks in…


Artificial Ground Freezing

6 December 2006 | By Dave Hindle, Director, OtB Engineering

The need to cool the environment in mass transit underground railways is becoming increasingly urgent, particularly in older networks where rising temperatures place an additional strain on systems that were never designed to cope with increasing passenger numbers. This article looks at one potential solution for cooling the deep Tube…


Streetcars from Stadler

6 December 2006 | By Silvia Bär, Head of PR & Communications, Stadler Rail Group

Stadler is a mid-range supplier for modular and tailor made rail vehicles. The customer and their specific requirements are a clear priority for Stadler. This commitment to customer satisfaction is expressed in the company’s motto “Geht nicht gibt es nicht!” (“Impossible is not an option”). Stadler has answered the growing…