Future Transportation Digital Boardroom Series

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TOPIC: For a better future: Solving transportation’s biggest problems 

Improving air quality, traffic flow and road safety with effective traffic management enforcement

Choose from one of the following dates:

DATE: 6 December 2022
DATE: 7 December 2022  

TIME: 2.00pm – 3.00pm UK time (GMT) Same time for both dates.

This closed-door online session is limited to 12 public transport decision makers to discuss:

  • Congestion, traffic flow and journey times: Why must these road challenges be solved? How can moving traffic enforcement play a role?
  • Improved air quality and reductions in emissions: How are local authorities responding to the climate crisis and government targets? Can moving traffic enforcement technology further support existing emission reduction efforts?
  •  Safety enforcement: What schemes do local authorities already have in place to improve road safety? How can moving traffic enforcement contribute to these efforts?
  •  New regulations: What is the New Moving Traffic Enforcement (Part 6) and what does it mean? How have local authorities responded to the new regulation?
  •  Facing skepticism: Why are local authorities hesitant to introduce moving traffic enforcement technology? What are the concerns?

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