From apps to taps: How payment cards are changing the EV charging game

Statistics show a growing demand for greater convenience and accessibility at EV charging stations. According to studies, 90% of EV users prefer to pay with a payment card and 50% of EV owners would be more likely to use public charging stations if they could pay with a payment card.

EV charging

This is why more and more charging stations are starting to accept payment cards to attract more customers and remain competitive in the market. Prioritizing convenience at EV charging stations can help encourage more people to switch to electric vehicles, which is also an integral part of the planned EV transition and delivering the zero emission targets in the nearest decades.

Accepting card payments at charging stations enhances accessibility and usability, benefiting EV users, station operators, and society as a whole.

Download the paper to learn about the benefits of contactless payments and their impact on boosting your EV charging business.

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