Digital Boardroom Report: Solving transportation’s biggest problems

This exclusive report, brought to you by Intelligent Transport and Vortex, delves into how improving air quality, traffic flow and road safety with effective traffic management enforcement can help to solve transportation’s biggest problems. Login or register now to be able to access this insightful report for free.

Digital Boardroom Report

As the world steps out of the COVID-19 pandemic and away from the concerns, uncertainties and fears that arose with it, the transportation industry has found itself at a key turning point, where the potential to enact meaningful change that can benefit both people and the planet is vast. Despite concerns that a recovery from the pandemic would be led by the private car, there are plenty of success stories to prove that the adoption of more sustainable modes and methods of transportation is on the rise, supporting the ambitions of governments across the globe to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and secure the future of our planet whilst improving the health and quality of life of its residents. However, there is still work to be done. Though there have been great strides of progress, there are still many problems and challenges that the industry face, creating barriers to a more sustainable future.  

Adoption of alternative fuels and electrification is a huge focus for transport, and rightfully so, as we cannot continue relying on polluting fuels such as petrol and diesel – this is a massive step in the right direction. And, despite improvements in public transport and active travel infrastructure, it is inevitable that not everyone will commit to modal shift, so there will always be cars on the road. But, ultimately, though an electric vehicle (EV) is more sustainable than a petrol car – it is still a vehicle that contributes to congestion, increased traffic on roads and less than efficient traffic flow. So, what can be done?

By addressing poor air quality, congestion and traffic flow through effective traffic management, the benefits for the community and its environment are clear”

By addressing poor air quality, congestion and traffic flow through effective traffic management, the benefits for the community and its environment are clear: better health, improved efficiency, thriving economies, positive social wellbeing, safer roads and a cleaner environment are just some of the results of such schemes.

In partnership with Vortex, Intelligent Transport hosted an exclusive Digital Boardroom, during which key thought leaders and stakeholders from across the transport industry came together to consider all of these challenges and the solutions that can solve them. During the conversation, participants shared their thoughts on traffic reduction and management methods and schemes, discussing how they impact residents within the region, the importance of effective engagement in order to increase acceptance and how to ensure success. In addition, participants shared examples and case studies of successful schemes, including what the results where and how the wider industry can learn from these implementations, all with the aim of highlighting how vital a role traffic management enforcement can play in creating more sustainable and healthier communities.

Within this report, you are able to gain access to this exclusive conversation and learn about the work that is being undertaken across the industry from those that are in the midst of the work themselves. Benefit from case studies, thought leadership and knowledge sharing, and join your peers in fighting for better air quality, less congestion, more sustainable travel and healthier communities.

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