The road ahead for future car buying globally (YouGov Whitepaper)

Based on YouGov’s latest research, this whitepaper will explore if consumers are adopting the new digital disruptors that have been adopted in the auto industry. Download to find out more now.

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Over the last few years, the auto industry has experienced a series of challenges. Throughout the pandemic, car manufacturing slowed, supply chains were disrupted and car purchasing plummeted across the regions. Consequently, many dealerships were under pressure to close their doors.

However, more recently, there has been a huge bounce back in demand, and coupled with the shortages associated with manufacturing and supply chain issues, auto retailers were able to raise prices to reflect this short supply and high demand.

The pandemic escalated digital transformation across all sectors, and within the auto industry many manufacturers and retailers were forced to digitalise almost immediately to better serve their customers and to help to maintain sales. As an industry that traditionally relied on in-person transactions, this was a significant shift in business operations and has resulted in many more options for where, when and how consumers can buy a new, or used, car.

Based on new YouGov research among consumers in 18 international markets, this whitepaper, ‘The road ahead of future car buying’, will explore if consumers are adopting the new digital disruptors by examining their past and future car purchase behaviour and the interest and appetite for electrification in the luxury and premium global auto market.

Download the whitepaper to learn more now.

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