Unleash the power of your e-buses with optimised operations planning

Join us for this informative on-demand webinar, during which you will discover the secrets of efficiency and innovation as Italy’s public transport scheduling leader reveals the art of seamlessly incorporating electric buses into your fleet through optimised service planning. Plus, get inspired by a real-life success story, as you will also gain access to an exclusive case study featuring the public transport company Mueve Fontibón, the concessionaire of TRANSMILENIO S.A., Colombia’s leading BRT company.

MAIOR - Unleash the power of your e-buses with optimised operations planning

Introducing new electric buses to your current fleet in an efficient way requires a powerful software solution that can handle all of the unique needs of e-buses. Watch this webinar to listen as industry experts consider the challenges and opportunities that lie in e-bus fleet operations planning, and then showcase the benefits of using the transit scheduling for advanced operations planning and scheduling optimisation for e-bus and mixed fleets.

Join us to discover how the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite’s flexible and tailor-made solutions can efficiently plan operations for urban, suburban and regional services. The webinar will also feature an in-depth analysis of different ‘what-if’ scenarios related to adding electric buses to your fleet, including various charging options and battery characteristics.

Additionally, speakers will discuss how e-bus fleets handle vehicles with battery degradation and analyse the vehicle autonomy based on each vehicle’s age. This webinar aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the solutions available for a smoother transition to electric vehicles.

Plus, after watching the webinar, you will gain exclusive access to a case study featuring Mueve Fontibón, concessionaire of TRANSMILENIO S.A., Colombia’s leading BRT company. The case study highlights their successful use of the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite to plan the operations of their 172 new 100% electric vehicles that are serving the western part of the capital city.

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to learn from industry leaders and to discover how the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite can optimise your e-bus fleet operations. Register now for the on-demand webinar and gain access to the exclusive case study after the session. 


Lourdes Rico

Lourdes Rico, Marketing Manager, MAIOR.

Mrs. Rico has a master’s degree in Marketing and Communications, from the Rome Business School, Italy, in 2016, has a Specialization in Digital Marketing Analytics from the MIT Sloan Business School, USA, in 2018, and has an master’s degree in Business Administration from the EUDE Business School, Spain, in 2022. In 2016, Mrs. Rico joined MAIOR in the Sales and Marketing team and has been supporting the company in all marketing aspects.


Dan DamonDan Damon, Manager, MAIOR North America, Clever Devices

Mr. Damon holds a master’s degree in Engineering Management from LIU POST and a BA of Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University. In 2006 Mr. Damon started his career in Manufacturing Operations, and soon after moved into Product Development and Continuous Improvement teams in that organisation. In 2016, Mr. Damon began with Clever Devices where he was in the Project Manager role for the New York City Transit contract implementing multiple Pilot systems and managing existing implementations of Clever Solutions. In late 2018 he transitioned to managing the MAIOR projects in North America, helping expand the footprint of the MAIOR Suite. Since 2021, Mr. Damon is now in charge of the group responsible for all MAIOR related activities in North America.

Duccio GrandiDuccio Grandi, Chief Technology Officer, MAIOR.

Mr. Grandi graduated in Computer Science from the University of Pisa, Italy, in 1991. He collaborated with the Information Technology Department of the University of Pisa in researching models and algorithms for public transport timetable design and interlining. In 1992, Mr. Grandi started working at MAIOR as an analyst and developer of software solutions for public transportation. In this role, he played an integral part in developing solutions for the planning and daily management of public transport assets. During his many years of experience in the industry, he coordinated software developers and worked as a project manager. Since 2014 Mr. Grandi is the Chief Technology Officer of MAIOR.


By participating in this webinar, you will:

  • Gain insight into the evolving industry and the challenges and opportunities for e-bus fleet operations planning
  • Learn how the M.A.I.O.R Suite offers advanced operations planning and scheduling optimisation for e-bus and mixed fleets
  • How to optimise your timetables and e-bus fleet schedules according to your specific needs and goals
  • Get the opportunity to analyse different ‘what-if’ scenarios for a smoother transition to electric vehicles.


Is the webinar free?
Yes – there is no charge to watch the webinar, either live or on-demand.

When will the webinar take place?
The webinar will take place live on 17 May at 10:00 UK Time

I’m busy. Can I watch it later?
The webinar will become available to watch on-demand shortly after the live webinar takes place.

What are the benefits of attending live?
During the live webinar, you’ll be able to ask the speakers your questions, which will then be answered during the live Q&A session towards the end of the webinar.

How long will the webinar be?
This webinar will last for up to one hour.

Who will be moderating?
Leah Hockley, Editor, Intelligent Transport

What do I need to watch this webinar?
All you need is a computer with an internet connection. Be sure to use headphones if in an office environment.

Do I receive a certificate?
Yes, you will receive a certificate if you attend the webinar live. The certificate will be sent with your on-demand video link.