MaaS Alliance welcomes new 2020 members

Posted: 26 March 2020 |

The main goal of the MaaS Alliance is to facilitate a single, open market and the full deployment of MaaS services across Europe and beyond.

MaaS Alliance welcomes new 2020 members

The Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) Alliance is a public-private partnership creating the foundations for a common approach to MaaS, with the aim to unlock the paths needed for successful implementation and take-up of MaaS in Europe and beyond. 

With almost 100 members, the Alliance has welcomed a number of new members in 2020. Below is a list of some of the newest members.


Cityway is an IT company which provides MaaS white label solutions for public transport authorities and their travellers. It aims to help shape the mobility of the future and implement MaaS strategies. Cityway looks to address today’s mobility challenges with:

  • Information solutions: multi-modal journey planner with real-time/predictive information
  • New mobility services: first/last mile, micro-transit, ride-sharing, DRT
  • Purchase services: mobile ticketing, multi modal account-based ticketing (ABT)
  • Improvements tools: mobility data analysis.


SYSTRA is a consulting and engineering firm dedicated to helping people all over the world move freely. The company’s expertise is said to span the entire spectrum of transportation. From metros, tramways, high speed and heavy rail to bridges, roads and aviation, it is focused on delivering positive outcomes that move the world forward.

SYSTRA advises city authorities on strategy, policy and planning, through to design, project management, construction supervision, system integration, testing and commissioning, and asset management. 


5T is a local government-owned company aimed at supporting the local authorities in the governance of smart and sustainable mobility. Its shareholders are the City of Torino, the Piemonte Region and the Metropolitan City of Torino.

5T has the mission to enable a public-driven governance process for the future mobility, in order to reach global societal and environmental goals and to promote an enjoyable user experience, benefiting from the strong upcoming innovations in public and private mobility services.

5T launched, on behalf of Piemonte Regione, a new MaaS project, called BIPforMaaS, in charge to address all the topics related to MaaS deployment, such as stakeholders engagement, user needs, regulatory frameworks, governance and business models, technology platforms.

Aalto University

Aalto University is a ‘community of thinkers’ where science and art meet technology and business. The university has six schools with more than 400 professors who conduct world-class research and provide impactful education, focusing on the creation and transformation of technology-based business.

The establishment aims to formulate new scientific knowledge for establishing new businesses and technology-driven transformation of firms, and of entire industries, as well as educating future workers.

Cycling Industries Europe 

Cycling Industries Europe is the European Association for cycling businesses, uniting all sectors of the industry including manufacturers, bike sharing operators, logistics companies, ITS providers and consultancies.

Cycling is said to be at the forefront of transport change in Europe, offering an active transport choice for decarbonisation, reduced congestion, improved last mile access and better public health.

Combined with public transport, shared and rented bikes offer affordable MaaS solutions for all, according to the organisation, and cycling also offers alternative transport choice for local deliveries through cargo bikes, pedicabs and courier services which can replace short car trips for goods.


JCoMaaS is an organisation established to lead innovation to mobility and city services. JCoMaaS shares industry and government knowledge related to MaaS and mobility services in Japan.While MaaS implementation is progressing in various countries around the world, the organisation’s goal is to implement MaaS in a way that matches Japanese society, ultimately creating a service that with an international competitive advantage. Through collaborating with multiple Japanese transportation service providers who are well-versed in dealing with highly complex mobility services, the group believes its services can bring value to Japan and the rest of the world.

A full list of the members can be found here.