Dubai’s RTA launches virtual assistant for employees

Posted: 27 January 2020 |

The virtual assistant, which uses AI and machine learning technology, is said to be a step towards improving the experience of employees as well as the ‘Smart Dubai’ initiative.

Dubai's RTA launches virtual assistant for employees

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a virtual assistant for its employees (e-support) concerned with providing information and procedural services to its employees through the internal website of the RTA. 

The virtual assistant is said to reflect RTA’s efforts to please employees and activate artificial intelligence (AI) in the internal and external services of the Authority, in alignment with the government’s goal of the AI and digital strategy in the RTA and the ‘Smart Dubai’ initiative.

The system is reportedly available 24/7 and is designed in Arabic and English through AI technology and machine learning, and links with existing systems and services in the Authority. Employees can contact the system through the internal website and then directly use the system to obtain answers to the various inquiries that concern them, including the development of the career path, promotions, internal transfers, the leave system, vacancies, job allowances, objections and grievances, the annual job performance, evaluation levels, scholarships and details of the new financial allocations system.

Work is currently underway on a future plan which will decipher new interactive services to be included.

The system is said to be a step forward in facilitating communication between man and machine, and aims to reduce employee’s long wait on the phone to obtain the required information, and to reduce the pressure on the authority’s internal call centre.