Project re-purposes e-bus batteries to provide new energy for households

Posted: 12 December 2019 |

The project, which is giving a ‘second life’ to batteries, aims to be a step towards circular economy in e-mobility, creating new commercial possibilities for companies.

Volvo e-buses 'provide new energy for households'

Credit: © Volvo Bus Corporation

Volvo Buses is giving a second life to batteries from electric buses. In a cooperation with Stena Property and Stena Recycling’s subsidiary BatteryLoop, bus batteries are said to be used for energy storage and as an energy source in Gothenburg’s Fyrklövern residential complex. 

“Reuse of the batteries from our buses gives them a second life, allowing us to use resources in a better way while at the same time reducing our climate impact,” said Håkan Agnevall, President Volvo Buses. “Electromobility creates new circular business systems and it is rewarding to work with Stena Property and Stena Recycling to develop this new business”.

Volvo Buses is running a similar project together with several partners in the Viva residential area in Gothenburg. The project has received a number of awards, including the Environmental Building of the Year from Sweden Green Building Awards 2019.

“We have a clear-cut sustainability strategy at Volvo Buses, where we not only aim to create sustainable public transport but also work to ensure that our entire value chain is sustainable. At the same time, we create yet another commercial incentive for electric buses since the application area for bus batteries is expanded,” explained Agnevall.

In Stena Property’s Fyrklövern residential area the reused bus batteries will reportedly be charged from solar panels fitted to the building roofs, and the electricity that is stored in them will be used for public areas such as laundries and outdoor lighting. When the battery pack’s energy storage capability ends, the batteries will be sent to Stena Recycling for recycling.

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