GAZPROM and Solbus bring natural gas buses to Warsaw and Olsztyn

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Public transport is becoming more eco‐friendy in Warsaw, Poland’s capital…

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Public transport is becoming more eco‐friendy in Warsaw, Poland’s capital. The municipal transport company of Warsaw, Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe (MZA), has decided to add 35 articulated LNG buses to its vehicle fleet.

GAZPROM Germania ‐ a subsidiary of Gazprom Export LLC ‐ and Polish bus manufacturer Solbus are providing their expertise and invest in launching natural gas for transport on the Polish market. Already in October, the companies launched Europe’s first 11 LNG city buses in the Polish city of Olsztyn.

Solbus, its distribution partner Lider Trading, and GAZPROM Germania successfully competed in a public tender issued by the city of Warsaw and were able to convince the municipal transport company of Warsaw of the environmental and cost benefits of using natural gas as a motor fuel. Solbus will supply MZA with innovative modern LNG‐powered city buses, and GAZPROM Germania will supply the LNG and invest in the necessary refueling infrastructure.

“Natural gas‐powered buses are a very tangible solution for eco‐friendly public transport in Warsaw. Natural gas as fuel is considerably cheaper. Using natural gas also makes us less dependent from oil”, said MZA spokesperson Adam Stawicki.

“Natural gas is becoming increasingly important as a fuel for public transport, since it provides clear economic benefits and reduces significantly emissions. Consequently we want to convince more customers of the attractiveness of natural gas as a motor fuel together with our polish partner Solbus”, said Timo Vehrs, Director Business Development of GAZPROM Germania.

Natural gas can be used as a motor fuel in liquid form (LNG) at temperatures as low as ‐161°C. LNG has the same environmental characteristics as compressed natural gas (CNG), which is already established as a motor fuel in many European countries. Natural gas is already one of the most promising recognized fuel alternative to increasingly costly petrol and diesel. Natural gas engines are significantly quieter and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 25.

The LNG bus project in Poland is part of Gazprom Group activities to sustain European strategy towards clean, safe and affordable mobility.

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