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Prospective uses detailed city simulation to help mobility companies and transport agencies continually match transport services with passenger demand.
Prospective has developed a cloud-based city-simulation platform called FLOW, designed to enable transport operators to roll out intelligent mobility services and then optimally coordinate deployed fleets in real time.
Roll-out intelligent mobility services:

  • Know the mobility needs and preferences of each (potential) passenger. Who they are, where they travel, when, how and why. How likely they are to be attracted to your (new or amended) service.
  • Know how much your (new or amended) service will cost to deploy and run. Number of vehicles, total vehicle-hours and vehicle-kilometres per day.
  • Quickly test and refine transport service designs before committing the capex and labour resources necessary to deliver the service down on the ground.
    Coordinate your fleet in real-time:
  • Respond to live weather conditions and events that affect demand and traffic conditions and roadworks that affect travel times between stops.
  • Respond to vehicle breakdowns, delays and other service disruptions.
  • Respond optimally to on-demand customer requests. Send the right vehicle to the right passenger every time.
  • Manage headways, occupancies and passenger delays by sending continuous optimal instructions to your vehicles.
  • Synchronise arrivals and departures of your vehicles to offer seamless end-to-end  multimodal passenger experiences.