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Smart Routing is a technological innovation by digital products and services practice Caution Your Blast Limited (CYB).

CYB are advocates of both data privacy and open data. These interests drove an Innovate UK project where CYB led a consortium of partners across the UK to which CYB’s contribution was the Smart Routing engine to power public transport journey planning without any need for sharing user data, that was inclusive of all operators, and with no geographical limitations.

Smart Routing was driven by CYB’s mission to create positive social change that is user focussed, environmentally conscious, economically viable and improves the lives of the largest number of people we can.

CYB is an experienced team of diverse thinkers who design and make digital products and services, built with and for people. CYB use user-centred design, team work and lean / agile thinking to deliver transformational projects, products and services.

Founded in 2010, Caution Your Blast is based in London.