Instead of hassling with ticket vending machines or searching for the right ticket in the app, the FAIRTIQ app allows to get your ticket with one swipe only. Thanks to “Check-in/Assisted Check-out technology”, your journey is recorded with geo-localisation after the click on “Start”. Another click after having finished the journey ends the trip and the right ticket is charged at the cheapest possible fare base. Forgotten check-outs are minimized by automatic reminders.

FAIRTIQ was launched in April 2016 together with 3 transport companies. Since then new partners have been added within short time periods. FAIRTIQ now has 22 partners in Switzerland, including the Swiss Federal Railways. It can be used throughout Switzerland for all public transport journeys, what increased the use by factor 5 within one year.

On the basis of the high scalability of the technology, FAIRTIQ strives for extensive international coverage. Contracts have already been concluded with transport companies in Germany, Austria and Netherlands.