Transport’s Bright Horizons Report Series: Ticketing & Payments

Welcome to the first installment of our new report series, exclusively brought to you by Intelligent Transport, where we journey through the world of transport ticketing and payments. From the vibrant city of Las Vegas to leading regions across the UK, and culminating in Luxembourg, one of the world’s smallest yet innovative countries, this report series aims to enlighten you amidst the ever-changing transport industry landscape.

Throughout 2024, our reports will explore the latest innovations and developments in vital areas including ticketing and payments, sustainable mobility, on-demand transport, data, technology, passenger experience, and planning.

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Ticketing and payment offerings have evolved continuously as the digitalisation of the public transport industry increases pace. Whilst a range of technologies are now available and utilised across the sector – such as QR codes and NFC technology – and though blockchain and cryptocurrencies are emerging, there is no doubt that contactless payments and mobile ticketing are currently dominating the ticketing space, providing convenience and flexibility, and subsequently making the paper ticket increasingly more obsolete.  

Within this report, leading industry experts take the opportunity to consider the current outlook for the future of ticketing and payments within the public transport space, and shine a spotlight on the merits of the various types of technology that are in play. From the unique but exciting location of Las Vegas; to industry-leading regions across the UK; before ending in Luxembourg, one of the world’s smallest but innovative countries, this exclusive report takes you on a journey that we hope enlightens you in the face of an ever-changing industry. Learn from insightful case studies from across the globe, and find out more about how the latest innovations in ticketing and payments can help you to not only improve operational efficiency, but also improve the passenger journey.

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  • A layered approach to transit payment options increases convenience and efficiency for Southern Nevada customers
     – M.J. Maynard, CEO of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC)
  • Ticketing transformation: From open payments in Las Vegas to projects with National Express West Midlands and Transport for Wales
    – Scott Mazick, Senior Director of IT at the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC)
    – Stuart McLay, Head of Retail at National Express West Midlands (NXWM)
    – Gareth Marsh, Digital Fraud Manager at Transport for Wales (TfW)
    – James Gooch, Head of Marketing at Masabi
  • Ticket to ride: Innovating today to offer a seamless journey tomorrow
     – Leah Hockley, Editor of Intelligent Transport
  • Contactless payments
     – Discover® Global Network
  • Transforming customer journeys: Enabling seamless travel with the latest ticketing & payment technology integration
  • A collaborative approach for the future of cEMV
    – Alex Sbardella, Commercial and Product Director at Unicard
  •  Lessons learnt from Luxembourg’s fare-free transport system
    – Luxembourg’s Ministry of Mobility and Public Works

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