Roundtable: Creating a more gender diverse and inclusive public transport industry

In Issue 1 2022 of Intelligent Transport, our Women in Transport Roundtable brings together key industry experts and thought leaders to discuss what can be done by the industry to attract more women to the workforce in order to create a public transport sector that is more inclusive and better reflects the communities that it operates in.

There is no denying that public transport is a male-dominated industry, but a culture shift in recent years that has placed a spotlight on equality has seen operators and authorities across the globe increasing their efforts to improve their workforces’ gender balance. 

This roundtable brings together key industry personnel and those passionate about sharing their opinions on gender diversity to discuss how the industry can work to improve the gender balance within the public transport workforce in order to better reflect our society and to better utilise a wider range of experience and knowledge.


Sonya Byers Women in Transport Tamara Eelsing STIB-MIVB Dottie Watkins Capital Metro Georgia Yexley TIER Mobility

Sonya Byers

Tamara Eelsing 

Dottie Watkins

Georgia Yexley

CEO, Women in Transport Diversity Manager, STIB-MIVB Deputy CEO, Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Capital Metro) General Manager – UK & Ireland, TIER Mobility