Roundtable: Delivering a seamless and enjoyable passenger experience

In Issue 4 2021 of Intelligent Transport, our Passenger Experience Roundtable brings together key industry personnel to discuss how the industry can work to deliver passenger journeys that are both seamless and enjoyable.

As the public transport industry looks to increase the rate of its post-pandemic recovery by regaining passenger confidence and increasing ridership numbers, ensuring that the passenger experience is both seamless and enjoyable will be key to encouraging people back onto public transport and avoiding a car‑led recovery. 

This roundtable brings together key industry personnel and those passionate about sharing their opinions on the passenger experience to discuss how the industry can work to deliver seamless and enjoyable passenger journeys in order to encourage more people to choose to travel by public transport, as well as to ensure the loyalty of those who already do.


  • Angela Trainor, Product Manager, Nomad Digital
  • Marc Atkins-Turley, Commercial Director, Stagecoach Group plc
  • M.J. Maynard, Chief Executive Officer, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTCSNV)
  • Kyle Rowe, Global Head of Government Partnerships, Spin