Capte B.V.

Company Description

We provide an end-to-end IOT product, including in-house developed hardware, software and connectivity that helps transportation companies to save the costs of operation and maintenance while providing extra services to their customers. Our hardware connects to on-board computers to extract the data about fuel consumption/battery SOC as well as any other data transmitted on CAN bus, including information about the faults on the vehicle. We also connect to all kinds of peripherals – tachograph, passenger information system, passenger counting system, NFC ticketing, oil quality sensor, alco-lock and others using a number of wired and wireless protocols. All the data is transferred into secure cloud solution and is provided to end-customers in the form of useful dashboards. We also welcome partners to use our data via API to build their own solution on top of our platform. We work with major transportation operators like RATP and Transdev as well as with OEMs, having our devices installed on buses, trucks, boats, trams, cranes and excavators.

Company Information

Year of foundation:  2017

Number of employees:  4

Annual turnover:  €400,000 

Investor Information

Shareholders and founders: Sergey Vladimirov (50%) and Paul Chipault (50%);

Bootstrapped and profitable;

Planning a financing round – details to be released Q1 2019

Areas of Interest

  • Interoperability & cross border solutions
  • Sharing economy
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Electro-mobility and charging
  • Infrastructure interoperability/standardisation
  • Management of transportation infrastructures
  • Deployment results – testing and evaluation
  • Management of transportation infrastructures
  • Safety & enforcement systems
  • Digitalisation of infrastructures
  • Incident management & prevention
  • Mobility satellite technologies