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Company Description

We help businesses to know failures of operating machines in advance via our cutting-edge technology. Our solution utilizes Internet of Things, Industrial internet, Big Data, M2M and telemetry systems to predict machine problems in advance and on real-time. Periodic maintenances cannot fully help to avoid machine problems since it is crucial to your business to not only track your machines, but to have access to immediate, secure information about your machine at early before the break or failure happen. Plant safety increase, cost reduction, equipment lifetime increase, optimization of spare parts handling can all be achieved via our system.

Our co-founder Ali used to work for Airbus in Germany and dealt with Predictive maintenance for planes. Then he came up with the idea of establishing his own company since he thought this is a very cutting-edge technology which is gaining traction day by day. And he also thought it is a solution which is solving a real life problem with saving people’s lives and contributing a lot to cash saving for railway operators, let alone its being a cure for flawless execution of services and increase travel quality for commuters.

Swiss National Railways, GE and Turkish National railways are main customers and we have many others in other major verticals such as industrial manufacturing, ships and wind turbines.

Company Information

Year of foundation:  2017

Number of employees:  2

Investor Information

Partnership structure:

– Mr. Muhammet Ali ACUR (99%)

– Mr. Abidin Gokhan CELEBI(1%)

Funding acquired: 100K USD Seed, 500K USD Round A Investment,

Funding required: 1M USD Commitment for Round B and looking for investor for 1,5M USD to complete 2.5M USD. 

Areas of Interest

  • Digitalisation of infrastructures
  • Incident management & prevention