Iomob Technolgies OU

+34 937 379 550 / +65 3159 3550

Company Description

Iomob is providing the infrastructure for the internet of mobility.
It is a blockchain protocol that enables public transit systems and mobility providers – ridesharing, bikesharing, e-scooter,
taxi companies and more – to compete and collaborate efficiently. It offers end-users a greatly- improved end-to-end transportation solution, providing a unified intermodal experience while hiding the underlying complexity of the blockchain and token economics.

Company Information

Year of foundation:  2018

Number of employees:  7

Annual Turnover: €250k

Investor Information

  • 250k
  • 450k
  • Funding required: soft cap 5 mil / hard cap 20 mil

Areas of Interest

  • Ticketing & Payments 
  • MaaS 
  • Sharing economy 
  • Sustainable mobility 
  • Infrastructure interoperability/standardisation 
  • Sustainable first mile solutions 
  • Sustainable last mile solutions
  • Demand management strategies