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Company Description

Everysens brings hassle-free logistics for leading industrial companies and freight forwarders.

Our real-time tracking and optimization platform provides supply chain directors and operational staff complete visibility over their flows and relevant business analytics.

Through our software platform, Everysens clients are able to cut costs in different layers of the logistics value chain and achieve operational excellence and improve client service levels.

Founded in 2015, Everysens harnesses the power of IoT, Big Data and AI to boost assets’ fleets performance throughout Europe, for market-leading companies such as ID Logistics, Danone, T3M or Arcelor Mittal.

Our Plug and Play tracking solution is designed to answer industrial shippers’ and freight forwarders’ supply chain optimization needs.

This solution unfolds as follows:

  • An IoT industrial sensor. Once fixed on the mobile asset, it autonomously transmits data about its geolocation and status (shocks, temperature, etc.). It has a battery life of 3 to 5 years.
  • An online software platform that aggregates and transforms raw data into actionable information. This platform offers complete visibility on the fleet and logistics flows so as to optimize their operational management.

Closely in touch with industrial shippers, we have developed a deep understanding of their needs and have built a catalogue of supply chain use cases that enables them to improve their quality of service and benefit from productivity gains. Our expertise is therefore twofold: technological (with IoT, Big Data and AI and business expertise (relevant information for the right person).

Company Information

Year of foundation:  2015

Number of employees:  22

Investor Information

Funding via French Business Angels

Private Ownership

Areas of Interest

  • Real-time logistics visibility
  • Multimodal transportation management
  • Logistics-specialized traceability