Next Generation Rail Technologies SL (NGRT)

Company Description

NGRT S.L. is a Spanish company focusing on railway safety and security, working with railway regulators and helping infrastructure managers and train operators secure their infrastructure and operations.

NGRTs products are designed and developed by intrusive novel technology and will detect any anomalies that occur in the railway infrastructure corridor. The NGRT applications will also detect any rolling stock, independent on speed, direction and track conditions at any location, in all weather conditions, as well as anomalies impacting on the railway infrastructure. All of which will enable warnings to be given to dedicated train control centres and maintenance staff, so train operations can continue in a safe environment.

Clients of NGRT are already calling the technology and solutions their true Game Changer.

NGRT has recently been awarded the EIBT Certificate. EIBT is a Spanish nationwide prestigious recognition,  managed by ANCES (Spanish Business Innovation Centres association) to distinguish business models based on the development of a new or adapted own technology.

Company Information

Year of foundation:  2016

Number of employees:  4

Annual Turnover: 

  • 2016 = €300k and EBITDA €20k
  • 2017 = €400k and EBITDA €26k

Investor Information

  • NGRT have been funded by Richard Aaroe and key corporate members.
  • NGRT is in the market to raise up to €2M in equity capital
  • NGRT have already developed a solid client base and a defined pipeline of projects with a value of approx. €28,2M. Expected contract sto be signed end Oct 18 with value of €1,3M

Areas of Interest

  • Infrastructure interoperability/standardisation
  • Management of transportation infrastructures
  • Sustainable last mile solutions
  • Safety & enforcement systems
  • Digitalisation of infrastructures
  • Incident management & prevention
  • Mobility satellite technologies