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Company Description

NÜWIEL is a startup from Germany founded by Natalia Tomiyama, Fahad Khan and Sandro Rabbiosi with a vision to minimize unnecessary car use and free cities air pollution and traffic jams. NÜWIEL developed the first electric bicycle trailer with a safety brake system and patent granted technology, which enables instant synchronization between the trailer and a bike. In other words, the trailer “knows” exactly when to accelerate, decelerate and brake. That means that a cyclist doesn’t make any additional effort when cycling with the trailer, yet is able to carry 150kg. The NUWIEL-trailer can be connected to any bicycle, cargo bike or electric bike within one second. Disconnected from a bike the trailer can be used as an electric handcart inside the buildings and in pedestrian zones.

Company Information

Year of foundation:  2016

Number of employees:  8

Investor Information

  • Shareholders: 3 founders with equal amount of shares
  • NÜWIEL has raised 600k+ from state funds, accelerator programs and loans.
  • A seed round of 1M+ is running at the moment.

Areas of Interest

  • Sustainable mobility
  • Electro-mobility and charging