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Taking action to cater for all groups of passengers

16 December 2013 | By Damjan Kregar, Transport Operations Senior Manager, LPP

The city of Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and has approximately 260,000 inhabitants. But in the Ljubljana Urban Region (LUR), the number of inhabitants is much higher. The LUR covers 9% of Slovenian territory and around 20% of the entire Slovenian urban population. Alongside the Municipality of Ljubljana (MOL)…


Opportunities for growth

22 January 2013 | By Andrej Osterman, Senior Consultant to the CEO, LPP

Four years ago we published an article about implementing long-term goals for the city of Ljubljana. Now we would like to report on what has been done since then. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and the country’s largest city, is the centre of Slovenian economy, politics, culture and transport. It…