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Metro do Porto



Understanding Metro do Porto’s successful business strategy

31 August 2012 | By João Nuno Aleluia, Exploitation Department Manager, Metro do Porto

Metro do Porto (MP) integrates six municipalities of the Porto Metropolitan Area (PMA). Playing the backbone role of PMA while structuring the territory, MP offers a high capacity urban transport network, furthering the integration of modes and operators. From its early stages, MP focused on the capacity and technical performance…


Porto’s new tram-train and the importance of cultural events

19 August 2010 | By Teresa Stanislau, Operation Manager, Metro do Porto, Jorge Afonso Morgado, Director of Communication Office, Metro do Porto

The operation of Metro do Porto’s network is a huge challenge – combining the Red and Green suburban lines with the urban service of all the other lines. We intend to provide a different service for long and short distance clients that still offers both comfort and ease of access…


Andante: a new mobility concept and an interoperability dream

20 September 2009 | By Mário Coutinho dos Santos, Chief Financial Officer of Metro do Porto and Chief Executive Officer of TIP

The Andante intermodal system aims to provide a new concept in public transportation, and is based on an integrated mobility system focused on the customer and oriented by the market. In contrast with traditional transport systems, Andante is based on co-opetition (cooperative competition) among various transport operators, who assume a…


Metro do Porto: a success story moving 50 million people every year

18 August 2008 | By Ricardo Fonseca, Chairman and CEO, Metro do Porto, SA

Metro do Porto was recently awarded by UITP as the Best New Light Rail System. The company has achieved an incredible 80% increase in its client rate, which recognises that this new mode of transport has had an impact at a variety of levels.