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Ten years with InformNorden – IT cooperation in the Nordic countries

30 March 2009 | By Mogens Buch-Larsen, Chairman, InformNorden and Anders Kåbjörn, Secretary General, InformNorden

The breakthrough of the internet, the mobile phone and the GPS technology during the late 1990s made it possible for the public transport sector to develop new advanced information technology services. In order to coordinate this development in the Nordic countries, the public transport authorities in the four Nordic capitals…


New IT challenges in public transportation

6 October 2007 | By Anders Kåbjörn, InformNorden Secretary General

The breakthrough of the Internet and the mobile phone in the middle of the 90s made it possible to develop different advanced information services in public transportation...


RTPI in the Nordic countries

19 September 2005 | By Anders Kåbjörn, InformNorden Secretary General and former GoTiC project manager

As far back as ten years ago, the real-time information system in Gothenburg could operate on a citywide basis and countdown minute by minute information about the next departure relating to all trams and buses from all stops. It was around this time that the R&D project GoTiC was launched…