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Tunnel safety – do we behave in the right manner?

30 June 2008 | By Bernhard Kohl, Head of Linz Branch, Austria, ILF Consulting Engineers

Four years have passed since the European Directive 2004/54/EC on minimum safety requirements for tunnels in the Trans-European road network became effective in 2004. In almost all EU member states, the EU Directive considerably changed the legislative background of road tunnel safety as well as the relevant national technical guidelines.…


Risk Analysis for Road Tunnels – Light at the end of the tunnel?

9 August 2007 | By Bernhard Kohl MSc, Head of ILF branch office, ILF Consulting Engineers

Since 1999, road tunnel safety has become a subject of growing interest in the public as well as among tunnel specialists. This is largely because of different incidents that have led to an increased risk awareness. The recent catastrophes in the Mont Blanc tunnel, the Tauern tunnel, and Gotthard tunnel…