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The ‘All Seeing Eye’!

18 August 2008 | By Peter Fry, Director, The CCTV Users Group

In my article in Issue 4 2007 of Intelligent Transport, I concentrated on technological developments in CCTV, and the relationship to transport systems. In this article, I want to ‘zoom out’ and review the wider picture, considering the role of CCTV in society, at the same time as focussing on…


CCTV and video analytics for public transport

9 August 2007 | By Peter Fry, Head of CCTV Users Group

It is only weeks since the attempted bombings in London and Glasgow, and I cannot forget my group’s frantic activity as they were involved in supplying CCTV footage. Images of the events following the attacks in July 2005 – and being able to track and identify the suicide bombers –…