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Renewal and development in Budapest

22 December 2014 | By Tibor Bolla, CEO, BKV Zrt.

Budapest is a well-liked tourist destination ranking 37th among the 100 most popular worldwide cities; 2.7 million tourists choose to visit each year. And with a city-population rising to 1.7 million in 2013 (2.5 million within the suburbs), Hungary’s capital is quickly growing. BKV Zrt. is the main local public…


Budapest integrates new elements in its public transport services

3 January 2012 | By

BKV has more than 100 years of history with great traditions and expertise, and has always had an important role in the transport of Budapest. The company operates five big branches (bus, tram, metro, commuter train and trolleybus) in an integrated system. Furthermore it provides cogwheel railway, funicular, chairlift and…


The complex reconstruction of Budapest Metro Line 2

22 December 2009 | By Péter Takács, Technical Deputy CEO, BKV Zrt

Readers of Intelligent Transport have been kept informed on the overhaul of Metro Line 2 in Budapest on a once every two years basis (Issue 2 2005, Issue 3 2007). So let us report on another two years on the progression of this complex project. Budapest has always been pioneering…


Combino trams prove successful for Budapest

18 January 2009 | By Péter Vág, Project Director and Retired Deputy CEO for Technology, BKV Zrt

In Intelligent Transport Issue 3 2006, there was an article about the Combino trams manufactured by Siemens, for operations in Budapest, Hungary. This time, we would like to provide a more detailed description of the trams and to report on the experience over two years of use and the follow…