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(Big) data in public transport

9 August 2015 | By

In the years to come, the demand of mobility will steadily increase. The growth of the population and the ease of access to various modes of transportation will lead to a highly mobile society. Dominik Grögler, Head of Engineering at BERNMOBIL, explores what data options are available for public transport…


Demand-driven tram extensions in Bern

31 October 2012 | By René Schmied, CEO, BERNMOBIL

After the opening of a number of new tram lines, on 12 December 2010, the city of Bern became known as a ‘tram city’. At the city’s main station, 46 trams, per hour, pass by in each direction. Five tram lines are bundled in the heart of the city and…


12 December 2010: A challenging date for BERNMOBIL

29 October 2010 | By René Schmied, CEO of BERNMOBIL

Historic changes for the public transport network of BERNMOBIL will commence on 12 December 2010, as the tram network will be completely restructured. Tram Bern West and line G from RBS will be integrated in the existing tram network. In just one day, the tram network of BERNMOBIL will grow…


Big network changes for Bern

28 October 2009 | By René Schmied, CEO of BERNMOBIL

BERNMOBIL operates public transport services by tram, bus and trolleybus in the city of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, and the surrounding suburban villages of Ostermundigen, Köniz and Bremgarten. Bern has approximately 130,000 inhabitants and including the surrounding villages BERNMOBIL serves approximately 190,000 people. Since 1999, BERNMOBIL is an independent…