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Issue 5 2012



Switzerland: old challenges, new solutions

31 October 2012 | By Peter Füglistaler, Director, Federal Office of Transport, Switzerland

Public transport in Switzerland is of a high standard with frequent, punctual, clean and reliable services. But this does not mean we are resting on our laurels; on the contrary. We are working to ensure we can manage future demand and meet passengers’ expectations of an even better service. However,…


BVB’s extensive modernisation programme

31 October 2012 | By Jürg Baumgartner, Director, Basel Public Transport Company (BVB)

BVB, the Basel Public Transport Company, is the most important carrier in the inner part of the tri-national agglomeration of Basel with 800,000 inhabitants. Under its new management, the long-standing company is undergoing an in-depth process of modernisation. The 65km-long tram network is to be extended by up to 19km…


Demand-driven tram extensions in Bern

31 October 2012 | By René Schmied, CEO, BERNMOBIL

After the opening of a number of new tram lines, on 12 December 2010, the city of Bern became known as a ‘tram city’. At the city’s main station, 46 trams, per hour, pass by in each direction. Five tram lines are bundled in the heart of the city and…


2012: ‘year of the tram’ in Vienna

31 October 2012 | By Günter Steinbauer, CEO, Wiener Linien

Public transport in Vienna is highly popular and is well known on an international level. However, the fact that Vienna has declared 2012 as the ‘year of the tram’ is a real rarity. While the popularity of trams seems to be fading in many countries around the world, Wiener Linien…


The single ticket vision for truly seamless travel

31 October 2012 | By John Verity, Chief Advisor, ITSO Ltd

Until recently, most smart ticketing schemes were completely independent of each other and often based around bespoke closed transit operations. This made a lot of sense to the large transport operators or metropolitan authorities who commissioned them. It gave security and control, met their specific local needs and, should they…


The importance of automatic fire suppression systems

31 October 2012 | By Jonas Brandt, Project Manager, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

This is the first of two articles to provide a background look at bus fires and to underline the importance of automatic fire suppression systems for buses and coaches. About 1% of all buses suffer some form of fire incident each year. Most of these fires occur in the vehicle’s…


Accessibility of urban buses: time to turn EU law into practice!

31 October 2012 | By Guillaume Dufresne, Mobility and Transport Officer, European Disability Forum (EDF)

A Europe free of barriers is where there is freedom of movement for all. The European disability movement believes that all forms of transport should be accessible, including urban buses, which is an important element for the travel chain of passengers with disabilities. The European Disability Forum (EDF) is the…