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Issue 4 2011



Spain: a worldwide technological reference in public transport

18 August 2011 | By Pedro Fortea, Director, MAFEX – the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Equipment and Services for the Railway Industry

Metro and tram networks have become the preferred modes of transport in Spain’s big urban centers. The country’s main cities have implemented modern underground lines as a response to the growing demand of fast and efficient mobility systems that can be adapted to the particular needs of all cities. This…


TMB’s strategy for an efficient bus network in Barcelona

18 August 2011 | By Dídac Pestaña, Executive Vice-President, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB)

Like most big European cities, Barcelona has severe problems with air pollution due to several factors, like industry and domestic emissions, but especially due to road transport emissions. In the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona, transport contribution to energy consumption accounts for 40%. TMB is the main public transport operator for…


The Madrid Regional Transport Consortium celebrates its 25th anniversary

18 August 2011 | By José-Dionisio González Garcia, Director, Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid (CRTM)

The Madrid Regional Transport Consortium (CRTM, Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid1) was founded by the Community of Madrid Act in May 1985, and started work in March 1986 to coordinate the infrastructure and services of the different public transport modes in the region as the Public Transport Authority of…


Rolling stock: the key to unlocking the regions?

18 August 2011 | By Sir Peter Hall, Bartlett Professor of Planning and Regeneration, Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, University College London and Charles King, Communications Manager, Sintropher, University College London

We are all familiar with Europe’s burgeoning high-speed rail network, which despite economic downturns continues to expand. With the advent of this planned system, mental geographies have shifted: rather than thinking in terms of distance, we have become used to conceiving of journeys and their destinations in units of time.…


A project to stimulate the use of biogas as fuel for city buses

18 August 2011 | By Lennart Hallgren, Manager, Baltic Biogas Bus Project

The world is facing increased demand for transportation at the same time that fossil fuel resources are diminishing. On top of this, concern for climate change due to the emission of green house gases is growing. This has boosted the interest for investments in new energy technologies. One technology gaining…


Fires in tunnels – can the risks be designed out?

18 August 2011 | By Dr. Fathi Tarada, Co-Chairman, World Road Association Working Group on ‘Air Quality, Fire and Ventilation’, Managing Director, Mosen Ltd and Intelligent Transport Editorial Board Member

The lorry fire that broke out on 26th July 2011 in the Brynglas Tunnel in South Wales caused severe traffic disruption for four days, and this has underscored the potential damage associated with tunnel fires. Could better design reduce the risks? The World Road Association (PIARC) will shortly be publishing…