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Issue 4 2010



Urban transport and sustainability: squaring the circle?

19 August 2010 | By Dr. Carlos Correia da Fonseca, Secretary of State for Transportation, Portugal

The 10 million residents in Portugal are distributed asymmetrically throughout the national territory, concentrating in urban areas and becoming increasingly scarce in rural areas. Two cities alone, Lisbon (the capital) and Oporto, concentrate around 40% of the population and well over half of national production. The strong concentration of populations…


Barcelona’s Line 9/10. The metro of the future has arrived…

19 August 2010 | By Dídac Pestaña, Executive Vice President, TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona)

The launch of service of Line 9/10 – the first automatic metro in Spain – is an example of how Barcelona is moving towards automation as a way of providing maximum support and efficiency to the underground public transport system. One of the country’s most relevant technological milestones has thus…


Geothermal energy as an alternative energy for underground transport

19 August 2010 | By Manuel Bravo Puente, Coordinator of Energy Installations in Civil Works, Metro de Madrid

The use of underground geothermal energy, as shown through the practical demonstration in the installations at Pacifico station of the Madrid Metro, makes it possible to heat and cool underground spaces, reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and machine maintenance by more than 40%. We can begin by saying that tunnels,…


Porto’s new tram-train and the importance of cultural events

19 August 2010 | By Teresa Stanislau, Operation Manager, Metro do Porto, Jorge Afonso Morgado, Director of Communication Office, Metro do Porto

The operation of Metro do Porto’s network is a huge challenge – combining the Red and Green suburban lines with the urban service of all the other lines. We intend to provide a different service for long and short distance clients that still offers both comfort and ease of access…


e-Ticketing in Germany

19 August 2010 | By J. (Sjef) A.L. Janssen, Managing Director, VDV-Kernapplikations GmbH & Co. KG and Hartmut Loerch Head of IT Management, VDV-Kernapplikations GmbH & Co. KG

Public transport in Germany is crucial for the economy of the country. Passengers use the system more than 10 billion times a year while the frequency of use has been growing steadily for two decades now. The increasing demand for public transport is fuelled by changes in the job market…


A comparing analysis of traffic monitoring systems

19 August 2010 | By Bruno dalla Chiara, Francesco Deflorio and Ivano Pinna, Transport Engineering, Politecnico Di Torino

The measurement of traffic data can be made with sensors, detectors and other various techniques with differences due to their applications, performance and costs, being these last related mainly to purchase, installation and maintenance.


Metro North – a key element for the Greater Dublin Area

19 August 2010 | By Noel Dempsey, Minister for Transport, Ireland

Metro North is a key element in the creation of a fully integrated rail based public transport network for the Greater Dublin Area as envisaged in Transport 21 – the Irish Government’s multi-billion transport infrastructure investment programme. Metro North will avail of a range of interchange opportunities with light and…