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Issue 3 2010



Public transport – key to a sustainable transport system

30 June 2010 | By Åsa Torstensson, Minister of Transport, Sweden

Public transport is an important element of society and it will be even more important tomorrow. It is a strategic tool to handle climate challenge and urbanisation. It contributes to wealth and growth through its provision of accessibility to everybody. It enables expanding regional labour markets through faster services. In…


A clear strategy for the development of public transport in Helsinki

30 June 2010 | By Matti Lahdenranta, Managing Director, Helsinki City Transport (HKL)

The Helsinki region ranks high in international benchmarking on public transport. It is well-known that an efficient public transport system is a major success factor in large urban regions. People need to get to work, have meetings to attend, go shopping and visit people. Also, corporate and retail transport should…


The Environmental Impact Assessment for Stage One of the Aarhus LRT

30 June 2010 | By Ole Sørensen, Light Rail Project Manager, Midttrafik and Lisa Bak Jensen, EIA-Coordinator, COWI A/S

As a consequence of the continual increasing load on the entire traffic system, the city of Aarhus has for some years being working to establish a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system. The first stage of the LRT encompasses a connection of the two existing railways (Odderbanen and Grenaabanen) and the…


Bergen to open its new light rail system – Bybanen

30 June 2010 | By Thomas J. Potter, Chief Engineer, Bybanen AS

Forty-five years after trams disappeared from the streets of Bergen, 20 years after serious planning began, 10 years after financing was secured through the continuation of the city’s toll ring, five years after design started and two and a half years after the start of construction, Bybanen, the new light…


Installing platform screen doors can enhance performance

30 June 2010 | By Guillaume Lecoq, Public Transport Engineer, STIF (Syndicat des transports d'Île-de-France)

A number of underground networks worldwide are gradually installing screen doors at the edge of their platforms to prevent passengers from falling onto the tracks. The first platform screen doors to appear in Paris were those used for the VAL line built to serve Orly airport. These were followed by…


Securing our future

30 June 2010 | By Geoff Dunmore, Chair of UITP Security Commission and Operational Security Manager, London Underground

2008 marked a turning point in the history of humanity. For the first time ever, more than half of the population (3.3 billion people) of the world now lives in urban areas. This figure is set to rise to five billion by 2030. This trend challenges the way urban spaces…


CCTV is helping to police Britain’s rail system

30 June 2010 | By Paul Crowther, Deputy Chief Constable, British Transport Police (BTP)

Policing a transport network presents some real challenges, but also some great opportunities, and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) coverage of the network falls squarely into the latter category. From the policing point of view, CCTV in the UK is playing an increasing role in operations and is an important tool…


BRT: an opportunity for ‘Big Society’?

30 June 2010 | By John Carr, Events Coordinator, BRTuk

“BRT: the time is right” was the opening heading for my previous contribution on Bus Rapid Transit to Intelligent Transport (Issue 4 2008) at a time when most developed economies were reaping the fruits of prosperity, even if urban public transport in the UK continued to experience the pains of…


Developing a new generation of urban bus systems

30 June 2010 | By Umberto Guida, Project Director, European Bus System of the Future (EBSF) and Maeva Zebrowski, Project Manager, European Bus System of the Future (EBSF)

The European Bus System of the Future – known as EBSF ( – is a wide-scale project co-funded by the European Commission under the seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development and has an overall budget of €26 million. Between September 2008 and September 2012, 47 partners – including…



30 June 2010 | By Richard Jeffrey, Chief Executive, tie (Transport Initiatives Edinburgh)

Construction of a 21st century transport solution for Scotland’s capital is now underway. The city’s largest thoroughfare and busiest shopping destination, Princes Street, has tramtracks laid, 46,575 metres of pipes, ducts and cables have been diverted from the route and significant work is progressing in the West of the city…


New solutions for a more efficient and coherent mobility network

30 June 2010 | By Marc Bertin, Chairman, Eurosmart

The deployment of smart and secure technologies for public transport systems today represents a growing market for the smart security industry represented by Eurosmart. The transportation economy is becoming a more-and-more converging area for most of the new smart security technologies. This sector requires interoperability of various standards, including payment…


On our way to 10 million daily transactions

30 June 2010 | By Pier Aldershof, Manager of Certification & Security, Trans Link Systems

Trans Link Systems (TLS), a joint venture based in Amersfoort, was founded in 2001 by the five largest Public Transport Operators in the Netherlands. Connexxion (the trans-regional bus service), GVB (Amsterdam’s public transport operator), HTM (the public transport group for The Hague), NS (Netherlands Railways) and RET (Rotterdam’s public transport…