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Issue 2 2008



Being the voice of a busy and active industry

30 April 2008 | By Simon Posner, Chief Executive, Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT)

The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT) is recognised by Government as the voice of the coach, bus and light rail industries and is the focus for consultation and negotiation on national and international legislation, local regulations, operational practices and engineering standards. As a trade association, we exist for one…


Groundbreaking guided busway provides quality experience

30 April 2008 | By Chris Poultney, Project Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council

The Cambridgeshire Guided Busway is at the cutting edge of Bus Rapid Transit development in the UK. Chris Poultney of Cambridgeshire County Council, explains how the world’s longest guided busway will provide high quality, reliable and frequent public transport for passengers. Catering for housing growth Cambridgeshire County Council is facing…


Building our future

30 April 2008 | By Willie Gallagher, Executive Chairman, Transport Initiatives Edinburgh (tie)

Edinburgh has been through decades of development. The City’s economy and encouraging inward investment now ensures that when a business comes to Edinburgh, it comes to stay. One of the contributory factors to this success has been the vision and strategy of the City’s leaders; politically, economically and socially. The…


Tube Lines’ station upgrade programme thrives

30 April 2008 | By Tooraj Shadnia, Senior Project Manager, Tube Lines

With a capital investment of £500 million, Tube Lines’ station upgrade programme is one of the largest in the world. Over the last five years, the programme has been delivered on time and within budget. Almost two million people use the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines every day. That’s over…


Industry standards for quality seating

30 April 2008 | By ET

In the days before privatisation, British Rail undertook the design, manufacture and maintenance of the majority of components and systems which were used in railway vehicles. Passenger seating was no exception to this general rule. It is difficult to think of an organisation which conducted such an undertaking for a…


STIB: devoted and dedicated improvements

30 April 2008 | By Alain Flausch, Managing Director, STIB

The Brussels public transport company, STIB, has experienced a spectacular growth in passenger numbers during the last eight years. In addition to expanding its fleet and restructuring the metro, bus and tram networks, STIB has launched a number of studies with a view to expand the network in the highly-populated…


The MOBIB Brussels smart ticketing project

30 April 2008 | By Etienne Graindor, Smart-Card Project Manager, STIB

STIB, the main public transport operator in Brussels, has been involved with smart-ticketing for years, as a founder of the Calypso secure transactions EC supported project (1994-2002). Since June 2004, the main requirement of the Company Board has been to build a smart-ticketing system that is customer focused. Actually, the…


Bybanen: The Bergen Light Rail System

30 April 2008 | By Thomas J. Potter, Chief Engineer, Bybanen: Bergen Light Rail

In March 2000, Norway decided that a light rail system would be the ‘backbone’ of the city of Bergen’s public transport system, and so approved a 20km line from the city centre (Bergen sentrum) to the Bergen airport at Flesland via the suburban town centre of Nesttun and the major…


Road pricing: finally inside the box

30 April 2008 | By Ivo Cré, Project Manager, Polis and Melanie Kloth, Project Manager, Polis

The famous riddle where nine dots have to be connected by straight lines without lifting your pen taught the world to “think outside the box”. Over the last five years, urban road charging has moved from the zoo of exotic transport management measures, to the heart of the public debate…


Successful Real Time Passenger Information in Oslo

30 April 2008 | By Jarl Eliassen, Managing Director, Trafikanten AS

Trafikanten AS is responsible for customer services and travel information in the greater Oslo-area for all modes of public transport. The services are provided free-of-charge to the public through service-centres, call-centres, Internet, WAP and SMS on behalf of the PTA’s and all PT operators in the area. The geographical area…


Protection via security systems: implementation and experience

30 April 2008 | By ET

IP Security Roundtable Participants: Jonas Andersson Director, Business Development, Axis Communications AB Robert Wint Marketing Director, EMEA, Verint Krishna Baboelal Policy Adviser, RET, Public Transport Company of Rotterdam Jens Puls Chief Security Officer, Deutsche Bahn AG Following the success of Intelligent Transport’s Public Transport Security 2008 conference, held in Berlin…