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Issue 1 2013



Accessible local public transport: A major contribution to comprehensive societal mobility

4 March 2013 | By Dr Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Germany

The desire to be independently mobile is a wish that people cherish throughout their lives. They want to enjoy mobility that is as unrestricted as possible, and today this is unimaginable without local public transport. At the same time, local public transport is a prerequisite of comprehensive social inclusion –…


Keeping Dresden moving

4 March 2013 | By Reiner Zieschank, Director of Finances and Technical Services, Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG, Hans-Jürgen Credé, Director of Operations and Human Resources, Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG

Dresden is the capital of the German State of Saxony and has a population of approximately 500,000. It is located in the East of Germany, close to the borders of Poland and the Czech Republic. With its concentration of industrial, scientific and cultural institutions, Dresden is one of the top…


Driver training the SSB way

4 March 2013 | By Reinhold Schröter,Head of Operations Preparation Department SSB,

Stuttgart is a city famous for cars: Porsche and Mercedes-Benz are designed and built in Stuttgart. But unlike another famous ‘motor city’ at Lake Erie, Stuttgart is also known for its first-class public transport offering. The city’s local topography, shaped by steep inclines and height differences of more than 250m,…


(((eTicket Germany is ready for the future

28 February 2013 | By VDV-Kernapplikations GmbH & Co. KG

Public transport e-Ticketing in Germany started in the 19902 like in so many other nations. In those days, interested German public transport operators and authorities could not fall back on a nationwide standard for Electronic Fare Management (EFM). The result found about 35 different smartcard projects dotted all over Germany.…


Prague is now more flexible and less complicated

28 February 2013 | By Pavel Procházka, Authorised Director, ROPID

After several years of preparation, a new public transport system in Prague and its surrounding areas was launched on 1 September 2012. It brought a lot of changes to the citizens of Prague but was also a crucial day for ROPID – the organisation that planned these changes.


e-Ticketing up close

28 February 2013 | By Horst Stammlet, Chairman, Kontiki e.V.

Given the pervasiveness of wireless networks, the explosion of mobile computing and communications devices of all forms, and the fundamental requirement for mobility, it is no wonder that multi-application, inter - operability, man-machine-interaction or intermodal public transport is now at the core of so many strategic plans. Just as life…